Co-option or resistance ?

Par Mis en ligne le 19 novembre 2007

The pur­pose of this article is to engage cri­ti­cally with
recent scho­lar­ship that accuses European trade unions
of having been co-opted into neo­li­be­ral restruc­tu­ring
within the EU. The article first demons­trates, through
a focus on British and German unions, that even if they
have accep­ted eco­no­mic and mone­tary union as such,
trade unions still reject its under­lying neo­li­be­ral
ratio­nale and demand changes to its ope­ra­tion. Then
an ana­ly­sis at the European level shows how trade
unions have poten­tial stra­te­gies at their dis­po­sal that
allow them to coun­ter restruc­tu­ring, with spe­ci­fic
refe­rence to the European Metalworkers’ Federation
and the European Federation of Public Service Unions.

Andreas Bieler

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